Suspension Water Processor (TSS-070-2)

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Turbidity of water treatment equipment (Machine) TSS-070-2

Product Outline

  • 8 hours continuous operation at 10m3/h processing by 500 litre tank for polymer flocculant and 50 litre tank for PAC.
  • Integrated turbidity meter, magnetic flowmeter and data logger provide accurate processing and data logging.
  • Front located operating unit and maintenance unit provides better usability.
  • Better portability with compact packaging.
  • pH treatment can be done by using Alkaline Drainage Neutralizer(TCO-040) at the same time.


Model TSS-070-2
Port size 11/2 parallel pipe manage (caliber 40A)
Turbidity meter 0~600mg/Litre
Magnetic flowmeter Flow rate 0~300Litre/min
Tank for PAC 50 Litre
Tank for polymer flocculant 500 Litre
Electric Power Supply Three-phase AC200V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 600w (Chemical pump stirrer etc)
Applicable Pump Below Three-phase AC200V 3.7kW
External dimensions Width:1550mm/Height:1500mm/Length:1450mm
Dry Weight 450kg etc.(when the tank is emty)
Accessories Turbidity Sensor, Float type liquid level switch, Power Cable 1, 10m 3.5mm2 ×4

Suspension Water Treatment Device (TSS-070-2)

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