Alkaline Drainage Neutralizer (TCO-040)

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Alkaline Drainage neutralizer device (TCO-040)

Product Outline

  • Small and light weight unit saves transportation costs.
  • Compact but powerfull processing capacity of 10m3/h.
  • Simple design of system and structure for easier portability and operation.
  • Open structure enables less-frequent maintenance.
  • Integrated pH meter and data logger.


Drainage Processing Capacity 10 m3/h
Port Size 11/2 tube for taper thread (caliber 40As)
pH processing Range PH8~13-> PH6.3~8.3
Neutralizing Agent Carbonic acid gas(sold separately) 40L (30kg) 2cylender installation possible.
Control Method Original water tank is solenoid valve control playing by pH meter and level meter
Stirring Method Reaction method by static mixer
Raw Water Temperature 5~40 degrees
Atmosphere Temperature and Humidity 5~40 degrees / 20~80% (but its non-condensing)
Installation Place Indoor & outdoor, the horizontal, without freezing( the equipment discharge port resistance is not expose )
Power Three phases AC200V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 500VA(Carbon dioxide gas adjustment pressure heater 400w is included)
Connectable to pump Three phases AC200V 2.2kw (less than)
(external) Outside dimension (mm) Width:940mm/Height:1140 mm/Length:550mm
Weight Approximately 180 kg
Fittings Throw the float switch type, pipe for the gas, the power cable 10m 3.5mm2X4 core

Please make sure for ventilation due to usage of carbon dioxide gas.

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