Corporate History

TOYO SHOJI COMPANY LIMITED is vital part of Toyo group which has over 100 employees at 6 branches and offices are generating by the Japanese rules&regulation.

September, 1972 TOYO SHOJI COMPANY LIMITED was established by 3000000 yen capital money and business started!!!!
June, 1973 Opened Osaka office at Osaka city, Chuo town, Kawaramachi
December, 1979 Opened sendai office at Sendai Uesugi
February, 1989 Sendai office changed to Sendai Miyagino district Haginomachi
October, 1990 Opened Tokyo Machinery Center at Noda Kinosaki
May, 1994 Osaka office move out to Suita enoki town
December, 1994 Osaka and sendai office became as Osaka and sendai branches,.
Sendai branch move out to Sendai Miyagino district Miyachiyo.
April, 1996 Opened fukouka office at Toko hakata , fukouka
August, 1996 Domain Registration, and publish Internet Website.
April, 1997 Leading first class communication system into the company
July, 1998 Migration from office computer to PC Business system
October, 2000 Opened Sapporo office at Sapporo city Kiyoshi Satozuka
May, 2001 Fukouka office move to Tokojimachi , hakata city , Fukouka
September, 2001 Fukouka office becomes an Fukouka Branch
July, 2002 Business system base in networking by the VPN
October, 2005 Industrial Exchange Exhibition in Tokyo Big site,
Exhibited of Alkaline drainage neutralizer (TC0-040)
April, 2006 Opened the second factory at Noda Kinosaki Tokyo Machinery Center
July, 2007 Air Drill System (TAD-100 type) has Launched
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