About us


Toyo group to offer safe and secure ground shape at all times. Close personal attention to each area is essential for the provide a good shape and a pleasant environment to all over the world. For that reason – and that the ground  will be more strong and nothing happened by any kind of attack. The natural environment – adequate will be more flexible life style, to ensure each place has the proper supervision will in our service.


As the number of countries  getting risky day by day, Some of the declining decision or plan has killing innocent life for the number of countries corrupted ministration. That is why, most of the countries ground has getting risky more. So, the ground are really essential to do Chemical grout, felt sorely and demand of the grouting places are increasing rapidly.
we decided to enter in the global market to having the grout by FLOWMETER of accurate services, because we feel that there is lot of spaces for the grout. So if we enter in this market we can stand for a position by adding new values to our customers, by innovation and new ideas in our services, which will make our services unique and special to our customers. This will lead us in the market due to its uniqueness and the demand of the society.
The way of the marketing of our company will be distribution of the all of information to those persons who have some potential to be our customer and through our own website.

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