Air Mortar Flowmeter (TSR-020-2B)

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Air mortar flowmeters (Machine) TSR-020-2B

Product Outline

Logger Unit
  • The calculation control circuit has improving reliability through the built-in computer.
  • The worldwide free power supply(AC85 ~ 240V)50/60Hz.
  • Various type of printing function.
  • Air mortar calculation circuit equipped standardized.
Flow Pressure Detector Unit
  • It’s adopting a strong electromagnetic flow meter to the measurement of fluid slurry.
  • For The wear resistances are considering the Tube construction will be smoothly.
  • Luxury enclosure using the strong the stainless steel rusting.



Logger Unit
Model TSR-020-2
Integrating Flow Rate 9999.9L 99999L 9999.99m3 9999.9m3
7 years power-cut backup memory
Cumulative Value Number of Digits: 8
7 years power-cut backup memory
Preset Counter 0~9999(4 digits) Buzzer and flow rate marker
Accuracy +/- 1% of maximum rating
Logging Paper W: 100mm, L: 10m
Logging Pen Red: Flow rate, Green: Pressure, Purple: Print
Logging Speed Standard: 120mm/h (Range: 1~3600mm/h)
Signal Cable Standard 10m included. Available in 50m, 100m (Max 500m) as optional order.
Power Supply AC85~240V
Power consumption: 50VA,50/60Hz
Operating Temperature and Humidity -10~50℃ 90%RH
Logger Display Momentary Flow Rate: 9999.9L/min
Momentary Pressure Rate: 9.999MPa
Dimensions W:210mm, H:365mm, D:400mm
Weight 21.5kg
Rating Depends on flow rate detecting element.
Piping Withstand Pressure 2MPa


Flow Pressure Detector Unit
Model Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
TD-1B W:200 x H:345 x D:240 14.5
TD-2B W:210 x H:350 x D:400 22.0
TD-3B W:250 x H:461 x D:450 38.5
TD-4B W:270 x H:516 x D:592 55.0

Air Mortar Flowmeter (TSR-020-2B)

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