Grout and Drill Pump (CP-10)

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Drill and Grout Pump CP-10

The pump cement milk for foundations of the dam. More stable grouting is assured due to the reduced pulsing stream with the speed regulator-equipped triple pumps.

Product Outline

  • It could be possible from the permeability test to grouting.
  • The pulsation valve balance is holding down on high pressure and high volume discharge realization.
  • Its using by a little space because the motor has placed on top of the pump.
  • Consumable item easily possible to check and exchange without removing flow-rates thing.
  • Specially, by the combination of agitator unit has place to using as a sub-plant. (With this motor and pump you can put a mixer then its available for a little plant)


Model CP - 10C/CP – 10D
Specific of pump Horizontally triple plunger pump/ Inverter Step-less shifting
Caliber Discharge caliber 32mm / suction caliber 40mm
Plunger size 60 mm X 3
Stroke length 60 mm
Stroke number 25-250 r.p.m
Discharge rate 120 L/min
Discharge pressure Max. 8 Mpa
Electric motor a11kw.4p
Power Three phase AC200V 50/60Hz



CP-10 Dimensions

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