Grout Pump (TS-73MT / TS-103MT)

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Grout Pump (TS-73MT / TS-103MT)

This pump adopts Squeeze pumping conveyance way. Pumping Tube (1) which is placed in position along the inside wall of drum (5), conveys mortars by the revolution of three rollers just like a tooth paste tube squeezed by hand to push out its paste.
Empty pumping tube restores to its original shape by restoration with which the vacuum pressure reaches up to 740mmHg with max. conveying pressure up to 30kg/cm2. And its Working pressure is 20kg/cm2.


Grout Pump TS-73MT Diagram

This pump controlling by three pumping rollers and AC200V three phase, 2step drive investor control,
It is essential for mortar, concrete and others.


Product Outline

  • Perfect quality.
  • Excellent service idea.
  • Competitive and reasonable price.
  • Best manufacturer in Japan


Type TS-73MT TS-10MT
Power 5.5kW*200V Three Phase 7.5kW*200V Three Phase
Speed Control 2-Step Pulley & Inverter 2-Step Pulley
Output 50-100L/min 120, 200L/min
Max. Output Pressure 2.5Mpa(30kgf/cm2) 2.5Mpa(30kgf/cm2)
Conveying Distance Horizontal 150m or Vertical 40m Horizontal 200m or Vertical 50m
Pumping Tube Dia.50*L1400 Dia.65*L1900
Pumping Roller Three Rollers Two Rollers
Dimension W560*L1330*H800mm W710*L1600*H1030mm
Weight 295kg 450kg

Grout Pump (TS-73MT / TS-103MT)

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