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Hi There, We would like to introduce our equipment to you. ToyoShoji has
been manufacturing the largest selection of grouting equipment company in
JAPAN for over 43 years. We are selling, renting and leasing direct to
customers and through distributors. Our full line of equipment ranges
from an easy to use hand pump to trailer mounted self-contained systems
that are designed to provide a continuous mixing and pumping operation.
The types of projects our equipment is commonly used on include: bridges,
tunnels, dams, mining, machine bases, repairing Flowmeter , soil & slab
stabilization, self-leveling floor underlayments, underground pipe
installations, fireproofing, voidfilling, well sealing, slabjacking, door
frames, soil excavation and various other related projects.
The maximum output and pressure ranges is very high . Our grout plants
are powered by an external power source or they are powered by their own
self-contained power system. The power options include air, hydraulic,
electric/hydraulic, gas/hydraulic and diesel/hydraulic.
We manufacture MORTAR Flowmeter and Trading also many types of Flow meter
and pumps including: progressing cavity, piston, gear and double-acting
plunger. The type of material that is pumped and the application will
determine the style of grout pump to be used on the system. Our grout
mixers are high efficiency paddle mixers equipped with baffles, bag
breakers, specially designed colloidal mixers are also available.
Balanced design allows continuous mixing and pumping, while the hopper is
feeding the pump another batch can be mixed. The tank outlet valves are
large slide gates that allow the thickest materials to fall easily into
the pump hopper. The rugged steel frames stand up to the toughest
conditions on the job site. Operator controls are centrally located for
efficient production. All components are easily accessible for operating,
cleaning, and maintenance. The trailer-mounted units are road and job
site ready equipped with leaf springs, lights and a working platform.
So, Please Visit our web site is here ( ) for
detailed descriptions and full color photographs of our equipment are
If you have any question then Please feel free to ask or contact us as any
On the otherhand, if doesnt not the match of our products then send a list
of your company using those products , Because we the trading company too
then could contribute your listed product or wanted equipment.
Thank you very much.
Regarding By
Toyo Shoji Global Department

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